Funding your van with

Whatever your business needs, our experienced team can offer a range of suitable funding options:

Business Contract Hire

Allows you to run your vehicles for a fixed monthly cost. By using Contract Hire the cost of your vehicles is removed from the balance sheet, freeing up valuable capital which can be utilised elsewhere. The finance company takes the risk of the residual value of the van at the end of the contract- add maintenance to your lease and you're well on your way to fixed cost motoring!


  • Release of Capital
  • Off Balance Sheet
  • Management of Fleet
  • Risk Free
  • VAT Efficient Purchasing
  • Economies of Scale


  • Enables investment in business or reduction of borrowing
  • Improved accountancy ratio e.g. return on assets
  • Releases Management and Administrative resource
  • Relief from Financial Risk of Residual Value
  • Savings included in Rental Stream
  • Manufacturers discounts and VRB's reflected in cost

Personal Contract Hire

As a general rule, we're sorry you're not able to fund a van through personal contract hire. That said, the exception to that rule are pickup trucks, many pickup trucks (mostly double cabs) are available to lease as a private individual. Personal contract hire is the same product as business contract hire and attracts the same great discounts and providing fixed cost motoring. However, being an individual; some of the accounting benefits won't apply that you'd otherwise get if you funded the vehicle through your business if you have one.

Finance Lease

Finance Leasing allows you to spread the cost of your vehicle over a period of time. The simplest form of Leasing, a Finance Lease enables you to drive your chosen vehicle/s with minimum capital outlay whilst taking advantage of showing your vehicle as an asset on the balance sheet. At the end of the contract, a balloon payment is payable- due to tax reasons you have to sell the vehicle to a third party. It may be more or less than the balloon payment. The finance company will take a small percentage of any profit you make above the balloon payment.
Finance lease also has the massive benefit of no recharges (eg. to put right damage/excessive wear to the van), as the van doesn't go back to the lease company for them to sell, it is up to you what condition you would like to sell the van in.

Hire Purchase

Hire purchase (HP) is a type of borrowing. It is different from other types of borrowing because you don’t own the goods until you have paid in full. Under an HP agreement, you hire the goods and then pay an agreed amount by instalments. An interest rate is applied to the purchase price of the vehicle in the same way as a loan. Once you've completed all the payments the vehicle belongs to you- and you are a free to keep or dispose of the vehicle as you see fit- there's no end of contract charges as a result of damage or wear and tear because you will ultimately own the vehicle.

Including maintenance in your lease

Many of our lease offers recently have included full maintenance- you’re probably familiar with what it includes, but if you’re not (and it’s more than just the servicing)- here’s a useful guide to fixed cost motoring!

  • Tyres – Punctures are also usually included. An average 2 year lease is almost always likely to require at least one pair of tyres.
  • Routine Servicing - Whether your van has fixed service intervals or variable, all the servicing required is covered to the manufacturers schedule.
  • Repairs – Of worn parts during the life of the vehicle
  • Consumables – For example wiper blades.
  • MOT – If you lease a van for over 3 years from its first registration, it’ll need an MOT- this is covered!
  • Exhausts
  • Batteries

Whether we like to admit it or not, a large finance company can almost always haggle a better deal for servicing than the general public simply due to their massive buying power. Why take a gamble on the cost of servicing and tyres when you can fix the costs before you’ve even taken delivery? The only variable costs really are fuel and insurance!

Vehicle Choice

We can offer an unrestricted choice of all makes and models of vans and light commercials (up to 3.5 tonnes). All makes and models are available! We can offer `Best Practice' guidance on the appropriate vehicles for your fleet, taking into account factors such as whole life costs, driver taxation (if applicable), size/dimensions and even fuel and emissions performance.

Why are people now deciding to lease vans rather than purchase?

Every one who drives a van incurs a cost. The cost can be broken down to a monthly figure. Even if you negotiate a low purchase price or buy a second hand van, the chances are you are paying £1000's a year in depreciation, servicing, MOT's and so forth all without the prestige or comfort of a new vehicle. The monthly leasing costs can be almost as cheap for a brand new van and that is why people are leasing. A new van with minimum deposit or initial payment, minimum monthly payments, no risk, all using someone elses money, it speaks for itself!

So what's different with Van Leasing (aka Contract Hire)?

Over 80% of businesses today fund vehicles by using a range of leasing schemes. Leasing enables them to effectively use the asset rather than own it.

Benefits to the business are:

  • No capital investment required for vehicles will depreciate over time
  • Allows the business to concentrate on purchasing assets that are more likely to increase in value and preserve cashflow
  • No change to banking credit status.
  • Ensure driver safety and comfort by always operating new vehicles
  • Accurately forecast motoring costs

Is Van Leasing for you?

No doubt there will be van buyers/enthusiasts who will always prefer to purchase and own their vehicles through traditional financing channels such as bank loans etc. However, since the introduction of a varied range of van leasing finance options, individuals now have greater flexibililty and a more business approach to the purchase of assets. At the end of the day all vans will eventually end up in a scrapyard regardless of how they have been purchased, so be smarter with your money the next time you renew your van.... and give us call.